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SPOILER: DC Comics Trinity War info and FCBD Gatefold surfaces

Reports have been swirling online that DC Comics was planning a major event for 2013 called Trinity War, which would be the first big thing happening for their New 52 universe. Now via Bleeding Cool, concrete details have finally emerged, and it’s packed with SPOILERS. It’s not so much a Marvel Civil War styled throwdown by the Big Three as initially expected, as more elements are at play than realized. One thing for certain is that the mysterious woman Pandora plays into it. Read the rest of the revealing details after the jump below, as well as the revealing gatefold image from the DC Comics FCBD book by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee coming up this Free Comic Book Day in May.

Here’s the gatefold:

And now the info:

“The Trinity War has probably something to do with the Trinity of Evil which gets introduced in DC’s FCBD comic. Pandora is one of the Trinity.” 

“It appears to be the 3 original sinners, of which Pandora has already been disclosed. Let me just say that the identities of the other 2 will surprise and amaze you.”

“I read the FCBD issue from DC last night. Trinity War probably has to do with the three sinners of the DC New. One is Pandora, the other is the [REDACTED], and weirdly the last one is the [REDACTED]. That’s right. [REDACTED] is somehow magic based now. Also, they are punished by the seven gods who gave Shazam his power.” 

“In it, there is a group referred to as the “Trinity of Sin.” This group includes Pandora,[REDACTED], and [REDACTED] (I have no idea why). The Rock of Eternity, a council of powerful wizards (thanks, Geoff Johns), sentences them to [REDACTED]. This may have something do with DC’s Trinity War, but I’m not sure. Maybe Pandora, [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] versus Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman? Who knows?”

Thanks goes to Bleeding Cool. Visit the source post and Comic Book Movie for more info.

Expect things to go deep and bad for DC The New 52 when Trinity War hits on 2013.

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