Posted April 20, 2012 by Timzster in Comics

DC Comics to Release #0 issues for New 52 Anniversary

Come September, DC Comics will be celebrating one year of it’s launch of The New 52 Universe, which practically rebooted its entire comic book universe and gave a fresh new take to most of its character roster. To commemorate the occasion, the publisher will be releasing a full wave of #0 books of each of their titles, with adventures that precede and take place before the actual events that occur in the #1 issues. Regular numbering for all books will cease that month, and will resume once more with #13 on October. As these books will detail origin stories and flashbacks, it sounds very reminiscent of DC’s “Zero Hour” event back in the 90’s, which bore a similar marketing strategy that aimed to attract old and new readers into the fold. Whether or not this plays into current events, including the impending 2013 event “Trinity War“, remains to be seen. For more on the story, visit the source post at Bleeding Cool and Comic Book Movie.
Expect the New “Zero Hour” 52 to hit all issues of DC Comics in September!

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