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Missed out attending ‘The Philippine Invasion’ at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego? Or even attend Comic-Con 2011? Well, we got to say a big thanks to Bleeding Cool and Jamie Coville for providing us information. Now, you can listen and download a recording of that panel featuring our locally famed Pinoy artists: Ernie Chan, ALex Nino, Tony DeZuniga and Gerry Alanguilan.

The Philippine Invasion

Philippino artists Ernie Chan, Alex Nino, Tony DeZuniga and Gerry Alanguilan are interviewed by Mark Waid about their getting started at DC Comics. Nino talks about switching from DC to Marvel in order to get the “real” page rate for artists at the time. He also talks about the freedom they at DC because his work was more suited to horror, which wasn’t popular in their local comic market. They discuss how the comic industry reacted to the Philippino artists when they started. Gerry talks about his working for DC today. They also talked about Nestor Redondo and how he influenced all of them.

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