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Flipgeeks Invade Comic Odyssey’s Free Comic Book Day @ Robinsons Galleria

The Flipgeeks crew invade the Comic Odyssey Free Comic Book Day event which was held last May 5, 2012 in Robinson’s Galleria.

And to prove that we were all busy in our own way, here’s a photo gallery of the things we’ve seen during the event all captured by our lenses.


Let’s get the ball rolling with some of the photos that were taken during the morning (as in even before the event actually took place).

Here’s a segment of the line which before the event started:

Yup all these comic books were given away by Comic Odyssey free of charge in celebration of Free Comic Book Day. 

Check out Archaia’s FCBD Mouse Guard book. It looks so lovely. There were also a lot of promotional items that were given away in the loot bag including Flashpoint pins and even posters.

This was also the first time that we had to cover an event together with some of our new guys like Jerry Uy.


Alternatively, here’s my photo taken on Jerry’s camera at the same time.

Here’s CO’s head honcho Sandy in a very busy and very hectic day…

Of course this event wouldn’t be half as special and half as cool without the appearance of Batman.

… and Red Robin as well…

I’m hankering to put their names down but to protect their secret IDs lets just keep it like that. And their not the only comic book related cosplayers who made the day more exciting. Here are some of our other cosplaying friends who took the time from their busy schedule and joined in on the fun.

Oh and Ms. Nave (Marybeth Nave) herself also paid a visit. Here she is with Batman and Tony.

One amazing thing about this year’s FCBD event was the number of people in attendance. Unlike in the previous years wherein there was just a “good number” of people, this year had a HUGE turnover of guests. I wanted to find out just how long the line was and to my surprise the line reached Galleria’s west parking lobby.

The event wasn’t just for the avid comic book fan who wanted their free swag, its also a day for both new and conventional media to crossover and brush (i.e bloggers and news correspondents). Take for example the presence of our friend Joriben who’s a known blogger…

And even guys from TV stations like GMA-7 (or rather News 11) were there to cover the event.

Another great dichotomy that was pretty obvious during this event was the presence of both the young and the legendary artists and comic creators. On one side we have guys like Marvel superstar artist Leinil Yu hanging around…

While inside Comic Odyssey we also have sir Lan Medina (pictured together with Dynamite hotstuff Huebert Khan).

Heck even our friend John Lennon Duy Tano of Comics Cube was also there to show his support for this event.

But for me, the biggest highlight of this event was the sketch drive that was aimed to help legendary comic book creator sir Tony De Zuniga. Some of the best and most talented comic book creators were on site to do sketches to extend a helping hand for the Jonah Hex creator.

FG's very own Norby looking menacingly at Batman

Watch out J.H. Williams III we've got N.B. Ela III.

Ms. Tepai Pascual

Mr. Kajo Baldisimo of “Trese” 

SSM Boys (SilentSanctumManga)

Mr. RH Quilantang sharing a few laughs with other indie creators

Mr. Rommel Estanislao who also did a cute FCBD promotional material

Finally another look at Norby's table during the Sketch Drive

Overall, while the event was taxing it was fun nonetheless and here’s to hoping that Comic Odyssey and even the other LCS gets the same turnout next year. And hopefully we get to see more kids running around with their Avengers or their Justice League books because after all, this event is dedicated to kids and kids at heart just like us Flipgeeks boys.


Earl Maghirang