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The Netflix’s SUPER CROOKS Experience of Co-Creator LEINIL YU

Years ago, Kick-Ass, Wanted, and Civil War superstar comic book writer Mark Millar collaborated with big-time Marvel comic book artist and Filipino Leinil Yu to create the comic book series SUPERCROOKS. Fortunately, Netflix & Millarworld developed this comic book series into a live-action anime. And here we are with Leinil Yu to converse on how his experience to this project was like.

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FLIPGEEKS: Congratulations on the awesome feat that not a lot of Filipinos haven’t attained so far. How does it feel to see something that you co-created become a Netflix title that can be seen and enjoyed all over the world? Is the feeling different when you see your work being adapted in the MCU?
LEINIL YU: This is unreal and I think it’s even more impactful than my work in MCU as I have more creative input on Supercrooks. It’s more personal and involved.

What’s your involvement in adapting SUPERCROOKS into the anime SUPER CROOKS? How was the experience?
I designed a few more characters together with Mark (Millar). They wanted it to be authentic and I’m glad I was asked to have an input on the anime.

As a well-known artist, you put a lot of details on your art. How did you interpret your art style to animators? Was there a challenge?
The animators did it all by themselves and they are experts. I think it turned out great!

What’s the production like, even with the pandemic happening?
Little has changed with me as I always worked in my home studio. I imagine it’s harder for the animation studios but it seems they were right on schedule.

Have you seen the final cut of the anime?
Not yet! Seeing it tonight!

Having TRESE released prior to SUPER CROOKS, what do you think of it? What did you learn? Have you adapted them to SUPER CROOKS?
LY: Enjoyed it a lot but I did my designs prior to seeing it.

Millarworld’s JUPITER’S LEGACY that was adapted into live-action didn’t get a second season, what did you think about it?
I loved Jupiter’s Legacy and it was unfortunate that it didn’t have a second season. It changed my mind on superheroes aversion to killing.

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Talking about Netflix, what did you think of their adaptation of Cowboy Beebop into a live-action? Do you think Super Crooks will ever get adapted into a live-action series/film?
I haven’t seen Beebop. I think Mark mentioned plans to do a Supercrooks live action. Excited for that as well.

The late Gerry Alanguilan, who had been your long-time inker & friend, also worked on Super Crooks, what do you think he would say or react to this adaptation?
I think he would be thrilled! (I) Miss Gerry a lot and (he) would’ve loved to see this series together.


This interview was done by Norby Ela & Ica Cheng-Hontiveros

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