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SuperCrooks S1 poster

The Netflix’s SUPER CROOKS Experience of Co-Creator LEINIL YU

November 26, 2021
Years ago, Kick-Ass, Wanted, and Civil War superstar comic book writer Mark Millar collaborated with big-time Marvel comic book artist and Filipino Leinil Yu to create the comic book series SUPERCROOKS. Fortunately, Netflix & Millarworld developed this comic book series into a live-action anime. And he...


Captain America to Relaunch With Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Yu for Marvel’s Fresh Start

March 1, 2018
Captain America will be relaunching on the Fourth of July written by Black Panther scribe Ta-Nehisi Coates with art by Leinil Yu, as part of Marvel’s “Fresh Start.” “For two years I’ve lived in the world of Wakanda, writing the title Black Panther. I’ll continue working in that worl...


PHOENIX is back! And Leinil Yu is drawing it!

September 19, 2017
When Jean Grey died heroically in Grant Morrison’s epic run of NEW X-MEN, she left a void among her mutant family – and in the world. For over a decade, the X-Men have lived with the fact that Jean Grey is no longer with them as a team member and a friend – and now, […]

Star Wars 16 Leinil Yu Variant no logo

STAR WARS #16 Signing with Leinil Yu & Gerry Alanguilan

February 27, 2016
Comic Odyssey is back again in hosting premier signing events. This time, Comic Odyssey is inviting all of us openly to go this coming Sunday – February 28th at Comic Odyssey Fort branch for it’s STAR WARS #16 Signing Event featuring Filipino comc book artists LEINIL YU and GERRY ALANGUILAN! [C...

Star Wars 16 Leinil Yu Variant no logo

LEINIL YU & GERRY ALANGUILAN strike back for Star Wars comic

January 26, 2016
Last year, Filipino comic book artists Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan got to handle their first Star Wars project by drawing Lord Vader on Darth Vader Annual #1. [CHECK OUT… DARTH VADER ANNUAL #1 drops today, gets PINOY treatment] As it was mentioned from the article above, this year, they have their...


APCC 2015: Comics Panel with C.B. Cebulski, David Mack, David Yardin, Leinil Yu, and Whilce Portacio

September 24, 2015
The final day of AsiaPop Comicon Manila saw another comics panel featuring some heavy hitters from the comic book industry – C.B. Cebulski (Marvel Talent Scout), David Mack (Daredevil, Kabuki), David Yardin (Storm, X-Men), Leinil Francis Yu (Secret Invasion, Wolverine), and Whilce Portacio (Image Comics co...


November 26, 2012
  Last Saturday was like a major mini-event at Comic Odyssey – Galleria. A lot, I repeat, a lot of people attended the LCS’s special set of Indestructible Hulk Premiere Signing by the penciler and inker of the Marvel NOW! – Leinil Yu & Gerry Alanguilan. Without Mark Waid, the wri...


DRAW Like LEINIL YU!… Well, Sort of…

September 24, 2012
Today, Filipino and Marvel superstar comic book artist – Leinil (Francis) Yu (Secret Invasion, Superman: Birthright, Superior) shared recorded captures of him on how he draw mugshots. For those interested, view it PART 1 – HERE and PART 2 – HERE. I don’t want to embed his videos her...


Mark Waid and Leinil Yu Creates an Indestructible HULK

August 2, 2012
Mark Waid and Leinil Yu do something indestructible for Marvel Now.


COMIC ODYSSEY’s SUPERCROOKS Signing with Leinil Yu, Gerry Alanguilan and Harvey Tolibao

March 28, 2012
Covering the Supercrooks # 1 signing event which happened last March 24 in Comic Odyssey featuring Leinil Yu, Gerry Alanguilan and Harvey Tolibao.