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REVIEW: ‘King of Spies #2′ Goes Out in a Rampage!

At the end of the Mark Millar’s first King of Spies # 1, former British super spy Ronald King, discovers he has only six months to live. Tormented by guilt over his being complicit to the current situation of the world. King decides to take down the true evil, the untouchables, protected by corrupt governments who would choose to look away for the sake of fear and loyalty.

King of Spies 2


As Ronald goes on a rampage, taking out high profile targets (think princes, presidents, prime ministers!) he becomes the world’s most wanted man. There is even a nice call back to his airplane jumping style from his active operative days, this time, with a twist of course. Ghosts from Ronald King’s past position themselves preparing to strike back.  One of them, is a person whom he loves the most and the others, well, try to imagine, a pair of twins, who were so disfigured, thanks to Ronald King that they have to be strapped together! This will definitely be an interesting opponent with a fighting dynamic that I am so curious about. I cannot wait to see how everything goes down in the next issue!

A gritty, action-packed, spy thriller that would give established spy franchises a run for their money. Millar continues to weave a big-screen worthy story which sees a man backed in a corner, riddled by guilt and with nothing to lose. He wants to make amends for letting the world become what it is today and the only way he knows how is through death and violence.

The art by Matteo Scalera is so consistently good that you feel like even the in pages can be covers. The action sequences are so grounded and well done (and trust me, there are a lot of action sequences) that it’s not hard to follow what’s happening. There are effective establishing shots to bring you to the scene, then really impressive character close ups to draw you in the character’s emotions.

King of Spies 2 variant

Things are about to heat up and there will surely be some epic fight scenes and maybe even some big revelations in the next chapter of King of Spies!

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