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Comic book review for Avengers # 5 by Jonathan Hickman with art by Adam Kubert sponsored by Comicx Hub.

Avengers 5 2013 Review Hickman Kubert Superguardian

While the story shifts from a megateam of characters Avengers # 5 does not fail to deliver the goods. Not only that it also manages to tie up some loose ends, unravel new plots and mysteries, reinforce a rather strong yet old storyline and introduce us to the first human imperial guardian in the for Isabel ‘Izzy’ Dare aka the Avengers’ resident Smasher.

Hickman was just plain awesome here. He writes the one-shot story of legendary sci-fi hero Dan Dare’s granddaughter and turns her up into something that’s really interesting to read.

dan dare

Adam Kubert’s art is ‘nice’. Like I said with my review for Avengers # 4  there’s really something missing with Kubert’s art these days. It’s great to look at but there’s a certain oomph that’s not there anymore as opposed to when he was drawing X-Men a few years back. Still thanks to great paneling and coloring, Kubert and his art team managed to flesh out a very interesting and somewhat endearing story.

The best part about Avengers # 5 is that it borrows elements from the ‘Imperial’ storyline that Grant Morrison weaved during his time with Marvel and when he was still writing New X-Men. It was an obscure moment but it was also that small bit with New X-Men # 122 but it certainly led to bigger things.

There’s a bit of meta here in this issue. It’s also got some positive vibes imbued into which will make you feel good, warm and fuzzy inside thanks to the bits about not having ‘cages’.


Overall, this is a nice issue. It’s doesn’t have too much of ‘the feels’ but it’s not too heavy on talk as well. Plus it’s got a clever use for the varied powers and abilities for each Avenger. More importantly it’s got a great backstory to an already interesting character.

Verdict: 4/5

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