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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: AVX # 8, Uncanny X-Men # 16

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AVX # 8


In this issue, Namor attacks Wakanda in the attempt of flushing out the remaining Avengers once and for all. It’s a rough and tumble “action issue” nicely done by Adam Kubert (who I really missed as a Marvel artist). The story continues with the Scarlet Witch really showing how powerful she is and how much of a wildcard she really is.

Okay I’m going to admit that not all the pages for Avengers vs X-Men looked as great as the last two issues. It’s not “poor quality” neither. Maybe its just the fact that I was really assuming that Kubert would be bringing his A-Game for this issue. Still, it looked good and heck its even better compared to the work turned in by John Romita Jr.

It’s also this issue where one of the Phoenix Five falls in the line of battle. That story element of course is building towards an ending very similar to that Jet Li film “The One” or Highlander.

Nothing really stellar happens in this issue. Well there is one bit but telling that would be too much of a spoiler. Oh maybe except for the inevitable fall out between Cyclops and Professor X. Also now that I think about it, there’s also the destruction of Black Panther’s Wakanda thanks to Namor’s douchebaggery.

You know what nothing really happened in this issue and it would’ve really been nice if they just folded it nicely into another issue.

Solid art, flimsy story.


Uncanny X-Men # 16

Believe it or not, this issue of Uncanny X-Men had a lot more bearing for me than the actual AVX title itself. In this issue we finally see the battle we’ve all been waiting for since Uncanny relaunched and renumbered. The battle between Mr. Sinister and the Phoenix Five.

In this issue we get to see just how much twisted Sinister’s plan is for the Phoenix Five. Not only that but we also get to see him actually beat the Phoenix Five with nothing but his army of clones, some clones of other familiar and fan-favorite X-Men from his menagerie and some ingenuity.

That’s actually saying alot especially since we’ve all seen Sinister’s toys make an appearance in the last few issues of Uncanny. Writer Kieron Gillen really did prove that there is no such thing as a bland or boring character if you know just how to write them properly. I loved the art by Daniel Acuna on this book. I really wish though that Marvel finds a nice spot for him. I mean, he was perfect for The Avengers when they were dealing with Norman Osborn so why not let him just stay there right?

Anyway before I rant some more, Uncanny X-Men # 16 might not be a strong book within the lines of AVX but I can certainly tell you that it gives each member of the Phoenix Five  a bit more flesh. Something that we do not constantly see in the rest of the AVX books at the moment.

What’s surprising me in this book is the fact that the five mutant hosts of the Phoenix was trumped by somewhat absurb methods. Phoenix Colossus for example grew to gigantic proportions to take on Sinister’s castle only to be taken down by an army of cloned Gambits. Take note however that the aforementioned Gambit clones were sent as Kamikaze bombers. Buy the book and you’ll find out how that happens.

So, in closing, yes I enjoyed Uncanny X-Men # 16 more so than AVX # 8 this week. AVX was good but it was starting to drag on while Uncanny provided more characterization for the Phoenix Five.


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