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Review: Namor # 1

Reviewing the first issue of Namor: The First Mutant by Stuart Moore and Ariel Olivetti and ties in neatly with the ongoing Curse of the Mutants banner with a stunning cover by Jae Lee.?

The Curse of the Mutants saga continues in the pages of Namor. With his uneasy alliance with the X-Men and with the vampires waging war against the mutants, Namor returns to the depths to search for the head of the dead former king of the vampires, Dracula who has been betrayed by his son Xarus.

As he continues for his search he encounters a group of deadly aquatic vampires called the Aqueos who has what they believe a “shallow peace” with the living Atlanteans.

After retrieving the head of Dracula, they encounter more Aqueos and as Namor and company make a run for it they encounter the king of the Aqueos, whom a few panels later gets disemboweled thanks to a trident handed to Namor.

It was a great starter for one of Marvel’s oldest character. It feels great to read something about Namor that’s not related either in the Avengers universe nor in the Fantastic Four books. This is where he truly belongs and with the scripting by Moore, it can be said that they MAY just gain a lot more of readers. No need for those lengthy introductions about who he is and what has become of him. Instead the book chooses to focus on the action and to move the ball from the sound of the bell.

Ariel Olivetti‘s work is also perfect for the book. We last saw his art for that tribute book for Hercules a couple of months back but I totally remember his work in the Cable books. Too bad they had to cut the book short.

One of the WTF moments in the book was this particular page.

Yeah, should have seen that coming too….

No Aquaman, get back to your grave, Marvel wasnt ripping off your idea. The vampire squid was done by the baddies…

DAMMIT! I should write a movie about this! And I could probably get a lot of money, which I can then use to purchase more Namor books…

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