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MARK MILLAR Announces Winners of Millarworld Talent Search

Mark Millar Millarworld

Back in September, Mark Millar held a talent search for aspiring writers and artists. Winners will get a chance to write and draw one of Millar’s creator-owned properties such as Kick-Ass and Kingsman. Plus they will get paid entry level industry rates.

After thousands of submissions, Mark Millar has finally announced the six pairings of writers and artists and a cover artist fortunate enough to work on Millarworld Summer 2016 Annuals.

The Summer 2016 annual will thus be as follows:

COVER – Satine Zillah

Kick-Ass – Writer Ricardo Mo/ Artist Ifesinachi Orjiekwe
Kingsman – Writer Philip Huxley/ Artist Myron Macklin
Starlight – Writer Deniz Camp/ Artist Prancheta Banerjee
American Jesus – Writer Cliff Bumgardiner/ Artist Steve Beach
Chrononauts – Writer Shawn Brill/ Artist Conor Hughes
Hit-Girl – Writer Mark Abnett/ Artist Osgur Yildirim

Millar says not to be disheartened if you’re one of the talents not chosen for this competition, and that there will be another talent search next year. He also took this time to reveal some of his upcoming titles for next year.

“Next year will be nuts with Stuart Immonen and I launching our sci-fi series Empress in April,” Millar said, “a monthly Frank Quitely right after, Sean [Gordon] Murphy back for Chrononauts 2: Futureshock in July and Greg Capullo in the autumn with our big creator-owned book I’m writing at the moment. This time next year it’s Mister Jae Lee and a horror series unlike any other. Empress #1, incidentally, gets a massive preview in the extra-sized Huck #3, on sale on the 13th of January.”

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