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Comic book review for Hit-Girl # 2 by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

Again this book takes place in between Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass volume 2. In this issue we continue to check on the life of Hit Girl who has now taken it up to herself to go and teach Dave Lizewski aka Kick Ass to become a workable enough vigilante. In return Dave has to teach Mindy how to become a ‘real’ twelve year old.

It’s pretty interesting that this book continues to deliver some fresh and witty banter between the two main protagonists. We also get to see a quiet life for Dave before it all went to hell come “Kick Ass 2″.

It’s pretty amusing how the dynamics between Dave and Mindy evolve in between the two main series. What’s more interesting to note is how old school Mindy’s tricks are when it comes to getting away from home from her mother and stepfather. Dave on the other hand was a classic where he gets asked to throw out the garbage before meeting up with Hit Girl. I remember the same scene from the remake version of 21 Jump Street (if you haven’t seen it, its actually worth a few laughs)

Anyway another plot thread that gets built in this issue was the slow rise of Red Mist. Before he became the vile character named The Motherfucker, he was just the lame-o son of a crime lord by the time we see him in Kick Ass 2, Chris Genovese has become a sadistic and yet pathetic character relying on muscle to get things done (including the murder of 27 innocent bystanders together with the lynching of Dave’s father in prison).

Sure the book ended with a cliffhanger featuring further development for the villain but I can certainly smell lameness. I don’t know, I guess the character did not really interest me. I read book 2 and  I was like more afraid of Mother Russia rather than with the Motherfucker. While my stand might be this way, I can still say that I am totally for the growth of the character. Plus it does seem on par with the idea that Kick Ass is doing stuff to improve his crimefighting career, Chris / Red Mist does his own thing.

Overall its definitely a good mix of humor, ultraviolence and a very weird perspective on chaos and organized crime. It’s also a great book to read if you’re a fan of the classic “team-up” books.

VERDICT: 9.5/10

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Earl Maghirang