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Reviewing AvX # 5 written by Matt Fraction with art by John Romita Jr. 

More mutant versus meta violence in this week courtesy of the architect Matt Fraction. This issue is being popular this week thanks to that bitch slapping ending (which I promise I will not spoil).

Just like the past four books under this title, John Romita Jr. is still in it. Whether its a good thing or a bad thing will be up to you. All I can say about the art is that it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The aforementioned final two pages were gorgeous and it showed just how really JRJR can be if pushed. Sadly the other parts of the book sort of dwindle down because of the art.

Storywise, its become fast-paced thanks to the polished scripting of Fraction (who knows his characters especially since he worked on both teams during his run on “Uncanny” and “Fear Itself”). That sort of knowledge brings a new depth into a story that fills 22 issues. We get to see Wolverine get angry and attempt to kill the future Phoenix Force host and we see just how deep Cyclops has fallen when it comes to belief that Hope is the messiah.

What’s truly interesting about this book is that it chronicles the final moments of Cyclops’ zealotry. Not only that, it also shows just how much faith he has on his “granddaughter”. Which made me think that is it really just belief/faith/ zealotry or could there be more to what Cyclops is showing? Captain America and Wolverine also take a back seat in this issue as the focus really shines light on Hope and the rest of the X-Men fighting the Avengers to free her.

The other battles and pairings are titanic in its own right but we don’t get to see that much. We really have to look at AvX: Vs to provide us with that much fighting. Overall, it was an enjoyable book and I can say that its going to lure you in to buy the next ish especially since we’ve got Olivier Coipel doing the art chores.


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Earl Maghirang