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The Other Possessions CYCLOPS Had Endured

AVX # 11 ended with Cyclops going full Dark Phoenix after killing his former mentor Charles Xavier. Fans are already reacting to this negative portrayal of the X-Men leader which led me to think if the top mutant honcho would make it past AVX # 12.

The second question that was running on my mind was what were the other possessions that drastically changed Cyclops. Here are bits and pieces that you might want to check out.

1. Cyclops Gets Twisted by Cassandra Nova/ Emma Frost (Astonishing X-Men)

During the opening parts of the story arc “Torn” by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday the X-Men are torn apart after a brutal psychic attack on them by a very confused Emma Frost. Cyclops lost access to his powers for a little while. It may not be a “possession” in the strictest sense but it sure did a number on Cyclops.

The good thing though is that he managed to beat this little mindfuck and resumed leadership of his elite of X-Men before they get shipped out to the Breakworld by Abigail Brand and her team of S.W.O.R.D. agents. He even kicks “Cassandra Nova” out of Emma’s head by doing a scene from “Fight Club”…

2. Cyclops gets possessed by Apocalypse

In one of the more daring moments for the character, Cyke jumps in front of En Sabah Nur before he completely merges with Nate Grey aka X-Man during the climax moments of the story arc “The Twelve”. Cyclops sacrifices himself to make sure that Apocalypse never transcends his mortality which is pretty awesome.

This was later followed up by the “Search for Cyclops” storyline where Jean together with Cable and a few other X-Men go around the world in order to rescue Cyclops from long-term damage from bonding with Apocalypse.

3. Cyclops Holds a Sliver of the Void (Uncanny X-Men,  Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson)

After the events of Utopia, Cyclops had a teensy bit of problem. He has a sliver of the Void in him after saving the life of girlfriend Emma Frost. Cyclops fought off the lasting effects of this invader with the help of Psylocke, Professor X and Emma Frost herself.

It was also revealed in-panel that Jean taught Scott a few tricks to make sure that his secrets are kept even from the world’s most powerful telepath like Charles and Emma. This comes in a form of a “psychic black box” which he keeps somewhere in his mind. At the time this contained secrets like X-Force and other details which he rather not divulge to Emma.

So while we ponder upon the final fate of Scott Summers towards the end of AVX let’s not forget that this guy has survived being possessed several times in the past and it could mean he has the fortitude and the will power to bounce back from this. You guys should also remember that Cyclops IS UNDER THE INFLUENCE of the Phoenix which could absolve him from his crimes (his survivor’s guilt is something else entirely though).

Finally I’ll also have to remind you guys of the promotional MARVEL NOW poster which featured Cyclops together with all the major players for the line-wide relaunch.

Earl Maghirang