Posted April 29, 2013 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

Rick Remender’s Uncanny Avengers Resurrects Dead X-Men and Avengers

The cover for Uncanny Avengers # 10 has revealed the identity of the new Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

So the Archangel’s kids aka the Apocalypse Twins have revived dead Avengers and X-Men such as Banshee and The Sentry as well villains for both Marvel teams – Grim Reaper and Daken Akihiro (who died at the hands of his father Wolverine in the final arc of Uncanny X-Force.

Sentry perished at the end of “Siege’. He did leave a lasting mark as the former Avenger responsible for ripping Ares, the Greek god of war in two during the attack on Asgard.

Grim Reaper was recently killed when he got super-punched by the Avenger Rogue in a last ditch offer to save teammates Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch.

Banshee on the other hand kicked the can during a rescue mission in the pages of Ed Brubaker‘s X-Men Deadly Genesis.

Earl Maghirang