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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Uncanny Avengers # 2

Comic book review for Uncanny Avengers # 2 by Rick Remender and John Cassaday


In this issue Rogue and Scarlet Witch recover from the beating that they received last ish while Thor officially gets convinced that he needs to step up to patch up the man/mutant relationship through the Avengers and Havok gets a change of heart in the fall out of Avalanche’s disastrous attack.

So where do I start. Let’s start with Wolverine’s dialogue in the first page. That whole page left me scratching my head. WTF was he saying? Was he trying to be ‘clear’? What exactly is this all about? Really wasn’t clear which really did turn me off.

Two scenes that were great and was totally character driven was Thor’s angry rant about how he’s stood by watching the mutant oppression for so long and now he’s going to straighten things out. The second was that scene with Alex and that man he rescued from last issue as well.

Like my gripe from last issue the book was trying way too hard to become the flagship title for this new world rather than wait for it to establish some roots on readers.

Rogue was pretty bad-ass in this issue although I really wish she’d get rid of that ugly looking hood of hers (or rather, not use it instead). Scarlet Witch’s appearance in this ish was really a big ‘meh’ for me. It’s not that I don’t like the character but rather it’s same old take on her. I’m already beginning to think that Marvel only brought her back for the sole purpose of being one of the high value targets that villains would take in order to move on with their nefarious plans.

Uncanny Avengers # 2 was just okay. It could have been better but the way it was trying so hard to make itself the FLAGSHIP book for the Avengers book makes it stumble a bit. Also Cassaday’s art albeit great looking flounders in some bits making the two women of the team look shorter. Still I’d give this book a whirl mainly because they book’s twists and shocks just keeps rolling in. Plus Remender does pull out some great stories that needs time.

Verdict: 3/5

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Earl Maghirang