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5 Best Deaths in Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force

Rick Remender‘s run on “Uncanny X-Force” has reached a bloody stop with the end of the story arc “Final Execution“. Now that this fantastic series has come to a close, it’s high time we look at the top 5 bloodiest or most triumphant deaths in this Marvel Comics series.

For the uninitiated, this new volume started after the events of “Second Coming” where the X-Men battle Bastion in order to save the mutant messiah, Hope Summers. The new team which originally started with the team consisting of Wolverine, Archangel, Psylocke, Deadpool and Fantomex were created to proactively fight what they perceive as threats to mutants.

 1. Jamie Braddock’s Snap

The third member of the Braddock coop is as crazy as a coconut. Much like how the third Summers brother (Vulcan) went bonkers with the Shiar empire, Jamie Braddock managed to screw up the legendary “Otherworld”. The story originally begins with Fantomex getting arrested by the Captain Britain Corps in order for him to pay for his crimes against the multiverse. What started as a standard rescue mission for the team suddenly becomes a full-blown multiverse-saving mission.

Betsy manages to save Fantomex before his brain becomes soup while Deadpool, Wolverine and AOA Nightcrawler square off against the goat who also turns out to be the evil psychosis of Jamie Braddock.

2. Blob

The AOA Blob has been running around the 616 Universe for quite some time now and he rears his ugly head once more in the final story arc “Final Execution”.


Nightcrawler‘s having a serious problem with the guys who ran away from the AOA universe. He’s pissed off with the fact that guys like Iceman turned out the way they turned out. So when it was time for a reckoning, we knew that it was really going to be Nightcrawler versus AOA Blob.

Obviously Kurt won’t stand a chance against this big guy, but the blue-furred mutant from an alternate universe does something entirely off the wall during his final battle against Blob. He ports a shark into Dukes’ insides and then teleports out giving the shark an opening to eat Blob’s insides.

3.  Psylocke

During a mission to fight the newly arisen Brotherhood, the Uncanny X-Force crew suddenly gets thrown into an alternate reality where the world seems safe and sound but at the price of its soul. Betsy finds out that the world is secretly run by an expanded X-Force roster including Cable and Punisher. The kicker is that it’s spearheaded by an elderly Betsy Braddock together with her lover… Wolverine.

Not happy with this output, Betsy decides to end her misery (after all she just lost Warren as well as Jean-Phillipe). In classic Japanese fashion she doe so by plunging a sword to her abdomen (!). This “death” of course doesn’t last long as we find out later that she gets immediate medical treatment courtesy of the elder X-Force.

4. Archangel

In the closing moments of the second major arc for Remender’s run entitled “Dark Angel Saga” Psylocke is forced to take the life of her one-time lover Warren Worthington III aka Archangel. This is after the guy assumes the role of the new Apocalypse and nukes an entire town.

In the final scene Psylocke with the help of her future lover Fantomex team up to kick Archangel’s ass. A few panels later we see Betsy stabbing Archangel with the life seed.

1. Kid Apocalypse

One of the most shocking deaths in Remender’s run was also the first casualty in this secret war the mutants are waging. Finding out that Apocalypse’s minions plan on bringing him back, this new secret team of killers and miscreants strike En Sabah Nur’s moon base and gets into a lot of trouble thanks to the newly revealed “Final Horsemen”. At the end though, the team makes it to where they’ve stashed the young Apocalypse and hesitate. Oh wait, except for Fantomex who guns down the child who would bring the Apocalypse.

Shocking indeed.

Earl Maghirang