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Steve Rogers returns as Captain America this July!

With the new movie coming out this July 22, it was only a matter of time until this happened (again)!

Announced by Marvel Comics and reported by the likes of Newsarama and The New York Daily News, Steve Rogers will once again don the stars and stripes uniform and take up the shield, as he once again becomes Captain America in the new Captain America #1 comic coming out this July, taking the reigns away from his partner Bucky Barnes, who is the current Cap at this point of time. Longtime scribe of the series Ed Brubaker will still retain his position as the writer of the new relaunched title, with Civil War illustrator Steve McNiven joining him for art duties! That’s right, Cap’s getting a reboot and going back to #1 on the serial lists, just in time for the movie and for new readers to catch up on.

The news comes as both amusing and disappointing to hear about. It’s great to have Steve Rogers back in the uniform and all, but I’ve taken to and respected Bucky Barnes run as Cap for the duration of Brubaker’s run on the title. Ever since he “killed off” Rogers in the aftermath of Civil War and placed his onetime WWII partner on the costume, he’s done great things with the character and did wonders showing that he certainly can wield the shield if push comes to shove.

On the other hand, nothing will replace Steve Rogers – He’s the one true Cap and there’s no denying that the role was tailor made for him since he became the one and only Super Soldier to exist. It was fun seeing the role passed and poked around, but ever since Steve returned (and in a rushed and underdeveloped “Captain America: Reborn” storyline I might add), it already foreshadowed the inevitable happening – that he’s going to be Captain America again sooner or later. We saw two Caps fighting together during the events of Siege, but Rogers willingly dropped the responsibility to Bucky so he could give his friend a new sense of purpose and direction, while taking up the mantle as the new “Top Cop/ Nick Fury” of the Marvel Universe.

So much has come to pass in the Captain America stories since ED Brubaker took over, and I’ve stuck around the title since the writer made the jump to it way back in November 2004. It’s fitting that he gets to relaunch it again in time for the new flick… but will I stick around and still collect it? Only time will tell for sure. The prospect of having Steve McNiven as artist only adds fuel to the fire. We’ll just have to wait and see come July… which also has Chris Evans taking up the mantle in the big screen adaptation flick – Captain America: The First Avenger!

For more details and the official press release, visit Marvel.com, Newsarama, and The New York Daily News!

Captain America #1 is due in comic shops this July at $3.99!

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