Posted February 3, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Winter Soldier #1

Reviewing Winter Soldier # 1 by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice

The book picks up the pace where we left off from the main Captain America book. What’s really impressive about this new book by Ed Brubaker is the fact that it retained the air of mystery for the book while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls of explaining too much.

One of the things that had me worried about this new book was the fact that it can get uninteresting or the interesting bits get brought down. This was answered all thanks to the mad writing skills Brubaker has been dishing out ever since he sat down and became the go-to guy for anything related to Captain America.

While there were some doubts about the quality of the writing, I certainly had no doubt about the artist onboard for the first issue/ story arc. Guice has been a long-time collaborator of Brubaker and he has gone proven time and time again that he has a say when it comes to depicting the world of Captain America.

Guice’s work on this book was exceptional and I wasn’t prepared to see his art fit perfectly into the whole “dark, wetworks, secret agent” type of book and story.

From glorious fighting sequences to flashbacks to even the love scenes in this book, its got everything you should really need when it comes to a solid espionage book in the vein of Brubaker’s Wildstorm book – Sleeper.

I’m spoiling it now, I’m giving this book a perfect score not just because of the good art and the potentially awesome plot but because it really did exceed my expectation. And maybe because the new Winter Soldier is so much of a far cry from Brubaker’s last story arc using Bucky (yeah, I’m talking about that whole Russian Gulag arc).

Verdict – 10/10

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