Posted May 21, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Columns

Captain America Corps – Will it Work?

Marvel has released a new limited series entitled “Captain America Corps” written by Roger Stern and pencilled by Philippe Briones with covers by Phil Jimenez.

Now while an army of Captain Americas might be a good thing, the real question lies on whether the concept can hold for a long time or will this just be a part of the hype building factor for the upcoming release of Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The First Avenger.

And who are the Captain Americas that have been selected to be part of this great looking team. Well we have the two current Captain Americas – Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes as well as several old school fan favorites like the MC2 Universe American Dream, former Mighty Avenger U.S. Agent and the Commander.

While the execution sounds great, I feel like the book will only last as long as we have a great writer churning out great characterization and storylines for fans of Captain America.

As a fan of the Sentinel of Liberty, I do feel like this is a good thing though. Why can’t we have a Thor Corps or a Captain America Corps, we’ve certainly seen an Iron Man corps before (the concept was used in several storylines, with the most recent I can remember being the Dark Reign era War Machine).

And while this might only work with a time displaced group similar to the Exiles, I think this will be a great looking 12 parter or even an ongoing.

Earl Maghirang