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EPIC Games’ Paragon Second Stress Test and Founder’s Pack Details


Epic Games had their first free stress test weekend for their third-person MOBA game Paragon, on April 28 and ended on May 1. But If you missed out on the first phase, don’t fret.


All Heroes, including all future Heroes, are unlocked and free to play.

A second phase is bound on May 5 and will last until May 8. While the first stress test was reserved for the first 500,000 beta test signees, this next phase is free for all. If you still can’t participate this coming weekend, there will be more of these beta weekends in the future until the game’s inevitable free-to-play release this summer. A retail version of the game will be released on June 7. Dubbed the Essentials Edition, it includes $60 worth of game currency, five Hero Master Challenges, skins, and reputation boosts. Master Challenges will further boost players’ ability to earn XP, and come with “unique rewards,” including taunts and Master Skins. Pre-ordering the Essentials Edition also gives players an extra 1,000 “Paragon Coins,” the game’s real-money currency.


This screenshot was taken from the first stress test on PlayStation 4. Runs on smooth 1080p 60fps. Not kidding.

If the stress test gets you hooked and you can’t wait for it’s release sometime around June, early access is also available in the form of Founder’s Packs, giving players access to the game’s closed beta period and includes Hero Challenges, Boosts, and an exclusive Hotrod Howitzer Skin. More info on founder’s packs can be found in their official page.


I swear, Sparrow(middle) looks like she was modeled after Gemma Arterton

The game is currently exclusive to PC and PS4 and also features cross-platform play, so you can play with or against people from either platforms. The game also runs on 1080p and 60fps on PS4 and boasts a solid control layout, so there is no major advantage/disadvantage on either platforms. Pre-load the game from the PlayStation Store on your PS4 and on PC, download Epc Games’ game launcher and download the game from there.

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