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LOKAL GRIND: New ‘Komiks’ – ‘Geek Tragedies’, ‘Windmills 4?, ‘The Long Weekend’ & ‘Trace’

Today, I just want to feature four local comics that has just came out: Geek Tragedies, Windmills 4, The Long Weekend and Trace . You can catch Carljoe Javier, Adam David, Josel Nicolas and get copies of their book at the Geek Tragedies Book Signing at Sputnik this Friday. And grab Jonnah Medina & Rawwrr Enrique’s Trace by the information below.


Carljoe Javier/Adam David/Josel Ray Nicolas

Warning: Great Writing Inside (not bragging here, just being honest)

The curse of the intelligence is not being able to turn it off – as the characters in Carljoe Javier’s debut collection of short fiction, GEEK TRAGEDIES, realize. Whether they imagine having superpowers or actually use a time machine, the people in Javier’s stories are unable to stop thinking, speculating, dreaming, and hoping – which makes every story a delight to read.

One of Javier’s strengths is his ability to render meticulous telling details (from comics and video games to pop culture and even the shockingly mundane– all are important) and weave them into dazzling textures that enrich every story’s narrative. The humorist sensibilities are also present, either seething just below the surface of things, or popping out like a welcome surprise.

Now stop reading this and get on with the book. Now.
– Dean Francis Alfar

Geek Tragedies is Carljoe Javier’s first collection of short stories. It features realist fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. In it you’ll find zombies, alien-hands, comic book geeks, convention-attending promo girls, an iPod time machine, and a generation starship filled with people hypnotized by and dancing to “Laban o Bawi.



Josel Ray Nicolas
PhP 80.00

A Batangueño bear named Bear suffers from child abuse, chronic existential melancholia, and urban despair as he ponders upon things as Jeffrey Dahmer, Adam Sandler movies, and Ganesha in this stylized fictional autobio from nineteen-year old UST komikero Josel Nicolas. The entire 29-page book is written and drawn with youthful exuberance and verbosity and frenetic anxiety previously never seen anywhere in komixdom. This is beyond Arre or Drilon or even Alanguilan. An account of a brain slowly and surely going down the drain. Only about 40 copies of it are available and it’s already sold out but there’s an online version of it floating around in the Interweb somewhere so you’ll have to contact the artist via ajora_metalanger@yahoo.com to point you to the right direction.



Adam David
PhP 150

“A poetic visual journey through memories of sentimentality, love and loss. This is one long weekend that will last a lifetime.”
– Mervin Malonzo, Tabi Po

“Here is a weekend made long by indifference, ambivalence, and tedious motions with weighty yet mute consequences. Through uncertain lines and messy illustrations, the narrative moves so steadily forward, injected with much restraint, that it drives us to the point of hoping for so little, any kind of resolution would be reward enough. This is Adam David when he’s not screaming or trying to impress, and still at his best.”
– EJ Galang, Riddle of Nowhere

Written and drawn and completed inside of four days as an extended exercise of the 24-Hour Comic Book, Adam David’s The Long Weekend is a hundred-page road movie romantic erotic komix novella about a young couple in a jaundiced relationship where only one person is making real efforts to salvage what can still be salvaged; about how past relationships inform and affect the present for good and for ill; about the transformative power of sex. In short, Adam David’s The Long Weekend is about being selfish and confused and in your twenties.

“The Long Weekend captures the oddness of traveling and the eerie of familiarity. The art works in concert with the words to layer mood and suggest more than what is shown. It’s a sparse record of the strangeness of memory and how geography triggers emotions, and what we do when getting away from it all becomes getting back to it all. David creates a story that manages to feel like a Sunday when it really is a Monday.”
– Josel Nicolas, Windmills



Jonnah Medina, Patrick ‘Rawwrr’ Enrique

Imagine,… you’re being haunted by the past. Dark past that crushes your mind, your heart, your soul. You’re afraid to sleep, too afraid to even blink. Cause everytime you close your eyes your past takes you back,.. Back to hell where you from. (Rawwrr) …

Limited Copies only!!(300 copies) reserve now!! visit our website! jonahlibrary.webs.com or email us at jonahlibrary@yahoo.com contact number: 09322717716 — with Jonnah Medina.

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