Posted November 13, 2015 by Drew Bagay in Comics

Carljoe Javier Releasing STAY YOUNG, GO DANCING, His Komiks Marriage Proposal

Carljoe Javier is considering releasing a special print run of  Stay Young, Go Dancing, a comic about his marriage proposal to Luna Cruz in Komikon.

In a Facebook post, Javier talked about proposing to Luna Cruz in comic boojk form. He then collaborated with Adam David and Josel Nicolas on the komiks, and he’s asking readers if they would be interested in buying a copy at Komikon.

“But maybe this professing of love is something worth sharing, in the same way that people share their proposal videos,” he says. “So that’s a roundabout way of asking y’all on the social networks, would you be interested in picking up a copy at Komikon?”

Stay Young, Go Dancing will be released this November 2015.


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