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EVENT: Pulungang Karapatang May-Akda/Creator Rights Forum

Intended to be a sobering threshing-out of the fundamentals of Creators Rights, what they are, how they are practiced today, and how they should be practiced in the future. Natural rights and negotiable rights will be discussed. A sample contract will be shown and dissected, its terms problematized: shared copyright, work-for-hire, royalties, right of first refusal, ownership of originals, derivative work, copyright infringement, fair use, et al. The construction of a baseline contract that is fair to all parties concerned will be attempted, as a template that could be used for future negotiations.

Time permitting, we will also try to discuss the new BIR ruling regarding freelancers registering themselves as self-employed tax payers, and the requirement to issue official receipts to clients – its purpose, and the processes involved.

The main speakers are author Beverly Siy, columnist and publisher Katrina Stuart Santiago, book blogger and publisher Honeylein de Peralta, and author and publisher Mina Esguerra. It is open to all writers, artists, designers, musicians – practically anybody whose art practice intersects with the legal games of corporations; in short: it is open to everybody.

Questions and suggestions are encouraged and will be entertained throughout the event.

This event is hosted by Adam David


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