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Review: Captain America # 609

Captain America # 609 by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice.

As NO ESCAPE continues, BARON ZEMO and his nefarious schemes come into fruitation as both the former Captain America investigate his partner and current Captain America Bucky Barnes whereabouts, while Bucky stares down his own twisted past.

Ed Brubaker‘s writing continues to wow us. From the hefty dialogues and panel appearance right down to the well placed explosions, Brubaker has been doing right in the book that he managed so well to bring back into the spotlight.

Butch Guice‘s work on the title is very reminiscent of those old but classic Jack Kirby books. We may miss Steve Epting but Guice’s work on the title seems like a better trade. The artwork, particularly the battle was enthralling. Some panels however failed in the colors department making the book look more like a Saturday morning cartoon rather than a mystery/ suspense/ espionage book from Marvel.

The story itself is appealing. The younger Zemo’s thirst for vengeance may be apt and very cool. And the book seems to see the trend of having to bookend the Winter Soldier arc as Zemo and the subdued Captain America fly back to the english channel where the Bucky’s life ended and Winter Soldier’s life began.

Steve Rogers in this book can also kick ass. And to be honest, did he ever need the assistance of the Falcon and Black Widow?

It would be a great idea to see the Secret Avengers find their way in the book before the Heroic Age comes to a close though. And can we see a little more of what’s happened to Red Skull?

Overall, the book is a great catch. And it never skips a beat in any of the aforementioned genres, be it action or mystery or just plain old superheroics.

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