Posted April 19, 2012 by Tony Tuason in Comics

COMIC BOOK REVIEWS: Last Week’s Comics at Comic Odyssey’s HULK Signing Event

Last Saturday the Flipgeeks boys went to Comic Odyssey for the Hulk Signing event with Carlo Pagulayan and Jason Paz. Since a lot of people were busy with having their Hulk #50 copies to Carlo and Jason, and since there were a lot of good books that came out that week, we decided to shoot a video. In this video, FG boys – Norby Ela and Earl Maghirang gives you our top picks for that week, and tells you why you should follow these books.

Since this is our first video, please forgive us regarding the low video and audio quality. Well, if you want to sponsor us some equipment we definitely wouldn’t mind hehe. So here it is, our first comic book video review starring Earl and Norby, with Me (Tony Tuason) as the cameraman/irritating background voice that you’ll hear! Hope you guys watch the whole video, enjoy!

Check out some images of Carl and Jason below:

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