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The Flipgeeks team reviews Uncanny X-Men # 1 by Kieron Gillen and Carlos Pacheco.

Earl’s Take:

Uncanny X-Men was one of the books that I was really looking forward to read especially since I consider myself as a loyal X-book reader come hell or high water. There’s a lot of great moments in this new book which was written by Kieron Gillen and Carlos Pacheco including a new team that has been dubbed “Extinction Team”.

I found the book to be a real treat especially since its a brilliant mix of old school and new school characters. Aside from this there’s also a planetary scale threat that needs to be solved by the new team.

When we meet the new team, we find out what Scott Summers has for the team. These men and women composed of a diverse group of mutants including Danger, Emma Frost, Colossus, Storm, Magneto and Hope Summers are the world’s first and only line of defense against mutant threats and threats to mutants.What’s great about this issue comes from the first half of the book when we get to see what the mutants that stayed behind did after the Schism.

Another interesting thing that readers can see in the first issue we get to hear Scott’s mutant manifesto. He licks his wounds figuratively after the recent breakup of their bromance with Wolverine and obviously has feelings about Logan’s decision to kick start a new school in the East Coast. Begrudgingly, he also admits that though they might not see eye-to-eye, Logan is doing his own way of saving the species, thus the so-called “King of the Mutants” has decided to keep the world safe for the kids living in the Jean Grey School for Higher Leanrning.

Though people might not love what has become of the X-Men’s leader, they really should give Uncanny X-Men # 1 a new try.

Norby’s Take:

Uncanny X-Men is one of the biggest titles that Marvel has. Through decades of memorable story arcs, characters introduced and good art, with all that, it must be a gigantic presseure to tackle it while it relaunches back to issue one. Usually issue ones are big. Fot this one, this should be a good issue for new readers and enjoyable for long-time X-Men readers.

Kieron Gillen continues writing the the main X-title. With this issue, he gets to try to give all the members in the team their own moments and and reveal their individuality for the readers. Carlos Pacheco really did a good job on this issue. The last time I saw a book that he did was Captain America: Super Soldier. Comparing from that mini-series, he got better or he had more time to do this issue.

There were some moments that I had fun with Colossus. It just make me smirk when I see him bald and the things that he would say when he turns into ‘Juggernaut-mode’. However, it made me cringe me when I saw Mr. Sinister with his new look. But, I guess he looks better now better that before. Colorist Frank D’Armata attracted me with his work in this issue, his colors with Magneto were a home run

This is not a great book for new readers. You would need to backtrack a bit to the Schism arc to get a clearer picture for this series. I finished the issue with an OK impression. Would I recommend this to someone? Give it 1-3 story arcs or two and I would let you decide.

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