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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men # 15

Comic book review for Uncanny X-Men # 15 by Kieron Gillen and Daniel Acuna.

I loved this issue for a number of reasons. One is the fact that I love Daniel Acuna‘s work always gets me hooked and secondly Gillen manages to write a story that falls right smack dab between the events of AVX (Avengers vs X-Men) without tearing out the continuity.

Let me get you up to speed, Mr. Sinister beat the X-Men but retreats the last minute. We see him in Uncanny # 14 living the life of a king underground with the city he’s developed called “Sinister London”. We also find out that he has built a menagerie of clones of X-Men he’s been hounding including an army of Gambits, Wolverines and most importantly, a HAREM OF MADELYN PRYORS.

That being said I love this three part arc due to the number of elements that Gillen has been building primarily the end game plans of Sinister for the Phoenix Five together with the long stand plot of UNIT manipulating not only Danger but also some of the younger mutants (but this issue focused on UNIT’s dominance over Danger).

Truly the best thing about UXM is the banter between characters. AVX and AVX Vs might feature the meat and the flavoring of the whole event known as Avengers vs X-Men but its great books like Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine and the X-Men that sheds more light into the two warring fractions.

Speaking of flavor I totally loved the part of the book where Juggerlosus and his sister Magik try to bargain with Cytorrak to free Peter Rasputin from the demon lord’s influence. It might not look like much but it certainly shows that there’s still some semblance of humanity for most of the Phoenix Five members; as shown in the arrogance and dejection from Colossus.

Another underlying drama that is slowly building up under Gillen’s hands is the distrust and the feeling of being left-out seen in the non-Phoenix powered members of the X-Tinction Team. While most of these guys are considered Omega level mutant it seems like they are always left out of the good fights and parts; I’m betting this will have some ramifications down the line for this once awesome team of mutants.

Daniel Acuna’s art for the book was also incredible. He’s perfect for the arc thanks to his rendition of important elements like Sinister London and even the Menagerie. Heck, he can even draw some seriously cool look Phoenix Five if he wants to. This also shows how underused this guy is. Hopefully with this UXM arc, people get to clamor more for Acuna’s unique art style.


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Earl Maghirang