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Reviewing AVX # 7 by Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel

Things are starting to crumble for the Avengers as the X-Men led by the Phoenix Five try to shut them down for good.

Matt Fraction shakes things up in AvX # 7 by showing what happens when you piss off the remaining mutant population as well as their god like, near benevolent leaders. The dialogues are pretty nice in this book but I really have to say that the pacing suddenly slowed down. But maybe that’s the case because its another switch from Jonathan Hickman‘s writing style to that of Matt Fraction’s.

For the story itself, we get to read a nice tale. While last issue focused on both sides of the story, this issue focused more on the Avengers and their ever hardening task of finding a way to get rid of the Phoenix or rather how they could remove the Phoenix’s influence over the five and give it back to Hope Summers.

Another great thing about AVX # 7 was the fact that it tied up some loose ends that are happening in other books. You see in the New Avengers tie-in for the event we meet Fongji, the red headed Iron Fist who also became the host of the Phoenix thanks to the training she received from the Kun’Lun. Fraction ties everything neatly with the appearance of Lei Kung the Thunderer and the plan of taking her to Kun Lun for more work. This gives fans and readers like me a payoff of sorts for all the tie-ins we bought in the past.

Olivier Coipel‘s art for this book is simply stunning. I totally loved how he draws the battle scenes. Even the “talking head” moments in the book were certainly made a lot more interesting thanks to Coipel’s handiwork. Take example ascene which features Black Panther bitch slapping Tony Stark. Or that bad-ass battle between Ilyanna and a handful of Avengers.

Like the past issues, AVX # 7 still reeks of continuity farts. Not only that there were actually some characters that have appear in this book that seems to have been “captured” like Giant Man and Quicksilver (who was taken down during Wolverine and the X-Men # 12). But personally the grandness of the story will really make for some errors and blips along the way so I guess its pretty pardonable.

AvX # 7 continues the devastation and slowly starts building the crescendo which is act three. There are a few problems with the issue but all that can be covered by the lush artwork of Olivier Coipel.


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