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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Wolverine and the X-Men # 13

Comic book review of Wolverine and the X-Men # 13 from Jason Aaron and Nick Bradshaw


The war continues in this issue but rather than seeing another skirmish between the Avengers and the X-Men, we see the Shiar attack Utopia with Gladiator leading the charge.

This issue was “just okay” for me. It doesn’t provide too much exposition for the whole AVX story; instead we get to finally see the origin of Warbird.

That’s all fine and dandy except for the fact that we all were expecting to read more of the Phoenix Five and the X-Men or Wolverine and his Avengers buddies. I was actually half-wishing before the book came out that this would tell the story of how Wolverine and company try to break out some of their captured team mates.

But hey, I’m not a writer so I don’t exactly know what the editorial mandates are.

That being said, I’m calling this issue as a “just okay” book due to the fact that though its action-heavy, its an action-heavy book that circles around a character we barely know. I mean, yeah given that Warbird is indeed a hot Shiar chick (aren’t they all?) but come on, there are certainly other plot threads that are definitely worth delving into especially with the whole status quo change for Earth’s mutants.

There are a few great things in this book that I’d like to point out though. One would be that we are slowly seeing the Phoenix Five become more and more “nefarious” in some sort of way. Gone are the benevolent firebird empowered beings who mean well for the world. We slowly see the Phoenix Five as fiery, near antagonistic characters who are one step behind being called “overlords”. That worked.

Second, I like how in Warbird’s origin story we get to see a dichotomy of sorts. We see this bloodthirsty and sexy girl (with nice abs) trying to make it on top of her chosen career. Its drama like this that reminds me why I actually like Jason Aaron’s writing style for the WATXM.

Third there’s a short make out session between Warbird and Iceman somewhere towards the middle of the issue. As readers we also get a reminder that Warbird’s offer for Bobby still stands. Oh and don’t forget that Bobby is currently an “out there” “thing” with Kitty. Interesting indeed.

Finally, this issue showed how pathetically weak Kid Gladiator is. I hate that guy as of late. Maybe he’s too overused or maybe its just that I kinda hate his hairstyle. Great job!

The final flaw in this issue of Wolverine and the X-Men was how it ended.

Overall, its a nice read especially if you’re starting to like Warbird. If not, then you could stick around still for the further developing war between the united mutants in Utopia against the Shiar.


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