Posted February 27, 2018 by Drew Bagay in Comics

Odinson Reclaims His Name in Thor #1

Marvel’s latest relaunch initiative “Fresh Start” will see the return of Odinson as the God of Thunder in Thor #1 by Jason Aaron and Mike del Mundo.

In this new volume, Thor is set to track down all the lost artifacts of Asgard that have been scattered all over Earth. But it won’t be easy as he’ll have to face the Juggernaut.

“On the one hand, I still feel like I’m writing the same Thor story that began six years ago in the pages of Thor: God of Thunder #1. But at the same time, God of Thunder had a very different look and feel and focus than Jane Foster’s story,” Aaron told Marvel.


The writer continues, “And even though Thor Odinson is now reclaiming his mantle, this new volume will also be going in a very different direction. Thor has a completely new status-quo. Actually the entire landscape of his corner of the Marvel Universe has been changed in the wake of the ‘Death of the Mighty Thor’ arc in Mighty Thor. But there’s still a War of the Realms raging, and Thor isn’t looking to stand on the sidelines.”

“I’m super excited about this new journey!” said artist Mike del Mundo. “Working with Jason on Weirdworld was so much fun and badassery and I’m getting that same excitedness and feels with this new Thor series—with added thunder!”

Thor #1 by Jason Aaron and Mike del Mundo launches on June 13.

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