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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Wolverine and the X-Men # 11

Reviewing Wolverine and the X-Men # 12 by Jason Aaron and Nick Bradshaw


• Cyclops comes to the Jean Grey School!

• Will Wolverine’s X-Men join Cyclops against the Avengers?


Just like the other WATX books from the past few months, this is again an issue where we get to see the in-between of the panels from AVX # 4.At the same time thanks to apt scripting of Jason Aaron, we continue to see the drama within the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

But this visit to the school will prove to be short because most of the action lies outside. As mentioned earlier, the events in this issue is set during Avengers vs X-Men # 4; particularly during the mad dash to locate Hope Summers in different locations around the world. This was also around the time that Hope and Wolverine met up and are looking for a way off world.

While this issue is good in my opinion, I’m afraid its far from perfect. There were a lot of plot points that were dropped or neglected. I also did not like how the Alien Exterminators sent by the Shiar were disposed of quickly. I actually felt sad for these guys because they were built about two issues ago as this “spec ops” force who are willing to do anything to kill Hope.

Upon encountering them however, we see that these guys are simply pushovers who like to just dress tough. That’s not even the worst part about these villains. It’s the fact that they were also used as a “guinea pig” or “target practice” for the duo.

Pathetic aliens aside there were a lot of cool moments in this book that is simply too good to pass up. While Jason Aaron might not be an expert when it comes to handling Major Marvel events, you can actually see from this book that he actually knows what guys want to see.

The starting pages were also very cute as we get to see more of Kubark aka Kid Gladiator and Warbird as they leave Earth before the Phoenix arrives. We even find out that the Shiar consider the fiery bird as the “end of the world”. Oh and we see the kid show emotion other than being annoying and snide.

I’ll say this again after reading this book. And I’ll say for as long as Aaron and his team produces great stories. “WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL AND IS THE BEST X-BOOK. PERIOD”.

Okay so in summary, the book is tight. It’s got dramatic/ angsty moments care of Wolverine and Hope plus lots of superhero battles. It also delivered its promise of showing us a fight between Red Hulk and Iceman and teases something in the next issue that I’m hoping would be the shining moments for the mutant kids at the JGSHL.


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