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Comic book review for A+X # 1 from Marvel Comics written by Warren Ellis and Jeph Loeb with art by Ron Garney and Dale Keown.

The Story: (hide) • Spinning directly out of AVX! • Like AVX: VS., this book brings you two stories every month by the industry’s top creators! • This issue features a Wolverine/Hulk story by Jeph Loeb (WOLVERINE) and Hulk-legend Dale Keown and a Captain America/Cable story by Dan Slott (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Ron Garney (WOLVERINE)!

The book is currently available in Comicx Hub as well as in Castle Geek in Makati. Two stories of awesomeness. In the first story Captain America and Cable team up in the past to bring down Bolivar Trask. The second story pits Wolverine and Hulk against the Maestro and the Wolverine from Days of Future Past.

I can say that the book is pretty interesting. The use of all characters is smart and more timely. I mean after Cable’s re-appearance in X-Sanction, the two have yet to really talk. While it’s not pretty obvious in the panels where Cable is present, we can safely surmise that the son of Scott Summers is really going on a fanboy mode after meeting his idol back in his glory days during World War II.

The other thing that should be reason enough to buy A+X # 1 is the story done by Loeb which features the classic art of Dale Keown (known for his impressive art in Incredible Hulk). I won’t spoil the surprise but this battle between the present iteration of the Hulk and Wolverine against their future counterparts offers a completely great tease towards the end which might be explored in the near future. Please allow me to state also that this does not make sense whatsoever as these two future bound figures come from different dimensions during different points in time. Still, its pretty interesting.

I’m also calling this in – the book has a pretty damn cute ‘baby variant’.

Verdict: 8/10

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Earl Maghirang