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Marvel Heroes With A Super Arm Like Cable

The Marvel universe contains many kinds of superheroes with different powers and skill sets. Plus, they have different physicalities, like arms. A BADASS ARM like Cable’s! With the newly released Deadpool 2 and the premier appearance of this time-traveling mutant, below is a list of superheroes in the Marvel universe that have an awesome super arm.


Arms 2018 1

After the God of Thunder and his father Odin revived Jane Foster from The Mighty Thor’s latest completed arc The Death of Jane Foster, we now see Thor rockin’ out with a new golden hammer and a new golden arm. We assume that these were both by the very dwarves who have created Thor’s old hammer Mjolnir. But what they’re made out of or the hammer’s capabilities are still unrevealed.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Arms 2018

Bucky is quite a formidable sidekick to Captain America. Yet, after being revived with a cybernetic prosthetic arm as Winter Soldier, Bucky got an upgrade on becoming one of the biggest threats against Steve Rogers. His artificial arm gives him super strength and heightened senses. Plus, it can function without being attached to Bucky. But, heck, with a new arm provided to him in Avengers: Infinity War, we haven’t seen what it can do yet.

Misty Knight

Arms 2018 2

Misty is not a popular character in the Marvel universe if you would compare her from the superhero members of the X-Men or the Avengers. After her first appearance outside of comics on Netflix’s Luke Cage, we got to know a lot about her. In comics, she lost her arm trying to deactivate a bomb while on duty a New York City police officer. Fortunately, Tony Stark built her a new arm, where she is capable of doing superhero feats with it. Her bionic arm is limited to kinetic crushing and impact forces. Yet, she get further upgrades from Stark and Danny Rand where Misty got newly added skills for her arsenal.

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