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Comic book review for AvX#11 for Avengers vs X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel.

Standard issue with lots of great art courtesy of  artist Coipel. This sets the final piece for the epic last battle between the combined might of the Avengers and the X-Men versus what remains of the Phoenix Five.

There’s a lover’s quarrel towards the middle part of the story and a clash between father and child as Charles Xavier and Cyclops trade harsh words. Here’s the thing though, the book ends pretty badly for our heroes as they face an even bigger challenge. Personally I’m really sad that Cyclops has devolved to something of a monster. Call it bad writing or bad storytelling or whatever but I really saw Scott as the king of the mutants who only wants to protect his people.

I guess that’s the problem with AVX. It’s like a shotgun in the sense that the pellets go in the same direction but at the same time scatters. One minute we’re looking at Hope Summers the next its Cyclops then Spider-Man then Wolverine or whoever the POV is. The plot was so grand but it really gets lost sometimes. Or in other cases its the poor choice for a POV character that makes it such a pain to read.

Enough rambling here’s the PROS and the CONS of this book sponsored by Comicx Hub!


- The opening sequence featuring Captain America talking to somebody off-panel while the rest of the Avengers stands a good distance is something that’s quite interesting. Then we find out that it’s actually the Hulk he’s talking to doubles the glee.

- Olivier Coipel’s art on the book is superb. I was really trade waiting for AVX but when I saw this on the shop I knew that I had the best book for the week in terms of sheer eye-candy.

- For once we get to see Cyclops and Emma fight; its not a bloody fight but more of a one-sided battle with Cyclops sucker punching Emma. Now we know that this is really Cyclops’ downfall. Which is good right?

- The cannot-be-mentioned instance also changes the motivation for the book. Originally it was merely a fight to contain the Phoenix two but when that happens, the shit figuratively hit the fan.


- Bendis writing came to me as spotty. Not to be a wet blanket but there seems to be something about his writing that feels very different. I really just can’t point a finger on it. So yeah it remains spotty.

- The whole idea of killing off a character is really overrated. I really hate it when writers kill off important centerpiece characters just to add shock. Believe me the death here felt partly like that. Yeah maybe it was an important emotional trigger for the characters but it’s not just really as effective as back in the day. Its like “Fear Itself” all over again I tell you.

- Very little SPIDER-MAN WITTY BANTER. Please, we need that. Well I strongly feel that this wouldn’t be a modern day Avengers story without Spidey having to at least say one witty line. That was absent. Sure it might feel wrong to have him quip stuff on the heavier parts of the drama but the moment the team fights the Phoenix Two, Spidey could’ve said a line or two.

Grab the book if you want superhero action, eye candy and if you enjoy seeing important characters die. Don’t get the book if you hate Bendis’ style of writing or abhor the very idea of Marvel’s event books. Regardless, we feel that this is worth picking up!


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Earl Maghirang