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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Wolverine and the X-Men # 16

Comic book review for Wolverine and the X-Men # 16 by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo.

Amidst the zero issues DC has been releasing over the past two weeks, Marvel went and did their own little version of an origin issue in the pages of Wolverine and X-Men. The book shifts the focus from the ongoing war between the Avengers and the X-Men to the origins of the leader of the new Hellfire Club, Kade Killgore.

The issue is pretty standard in terms of telling an origin story. I’m really not amused with this kid at all. Sure Aaron managed to provide some good character beats for him and his posses during Schism as well as during the first arc of WATXM but as time goes by it felt like Aaron was forcing these damned kids too hard on readers.

One might argue that the reason for having Hellfire leaders as kids is to show the mirror opposite to Cyclops’ vision of using children to fight wars rather than spend time to educate them. But again it felt to me like we have nothing to do but accept that this would be the enemies for WATXM as long as Jason Aaron’s around.

The story itself is kinda amusing and at the same time twisted as we get to see the humble beginnings of Kade as well as how he became that nasty little bugger we first meet in Schism # 1. There’s tons of death and betrayal and some cool art courtesy of one of my favorite artists, Chris Bachalo.

If you’re still hankering for more AVX then this issue is definitely not for you. Aside from a few panels featuring the Phoenix five, there’s nothing more mutant related to see. But if you just want to read up about Kade’s history and origin then I suggest you get WATXM # 16.

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Earl Maghirang