Posted November 10, 2017 by Drew Bagay in Comics

Netflix Announces Its First Comic Book ‘The Magic Order’ by Mark Millar

the-magic-orderMark Millar has revealed The Magic Order as his first comic book for streaming giant Netflix, after its acquisition of Millarworld months ago.

Teaming up with artist Olivier Coipel (Thor, Amazing Spider-Man), The Magic Order mixes magical fantasy with thriller, featuring a secret order consisting of five families of magicians protecting the world from threats for generations. But when a new threat emerges and starts taking them out one by one, they must take their powers to new heights.

“We wanted to make a splash with our first book for Netflix and this is it. I love dark fantasy and there’s an enormous gap in the market for something like this. Netflix hiring Olivier has also made me the happiest guy alive. I’ve been after him for almost ten years so to finally have our names in the same book is an absolute honour,” said Millar, President and Chief Creative Officer, Millarworld, a subsidiary of Netflix.

Netflix’s recent buyout of Millarworld obviously meant that various Millarword properties would be made into new TV shows and movies, in the same vein as Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service. However, getting into the comics industry is something new for the world’s leading streaming company.

The Magic Order will be six issues long and will debut in Spring 2018.

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