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No TRESE Book 6 this Summer; Budjette Tan Introduces ‘High Tide at Midnight’ Online with Exclusive Images!

Last Wednesday, Trese brainchild and comic book writer Budjette Tan dropped an announcement regarding the status of the much anticipated sixth book in the aforementioned noir graphic novel series. Unfortunately, Trese 6 won’t be up this coming Summer Komikon. However, he promised that there will be preview pages each week, highlighting the progress of the book. He has also revealed the title of the next entry in the expanding Trese saga: High Tide at Midnight.

We sat down with Budjette for a quick chat about this upcoming book, its effects on Trese’s next adventures, and a few more!

FLIPGEEKS: Thank you for giving us exclusive sketches for the book! To start things off, we’d like to ask: What can we expect from Book 6? Would the chapters be interconnected as with Books 3 and 5? Is it linked with Midnight Tribunal?
BUDJETTE: Yes, BOOK 6 is one long story arc.

FG: The use of a storm as backdrop/plot device is noticeable. Where did the idea came from?
BUDJETTE: The idea for this story dates back as far as Ondoy. Actually, the basis for this storyline was one of the scripts we wrote for “The World of the Unknown” episodes that was hosted by Anton Trese. Way back in 1994, I wrote a story about how “siokoy” were taking advantage of the flooded streets of Manila and they’d swim into the city to hunt down people. I remembered that story when Ondoy happened and just kept coming back every time another big flood happens. I’m just happy I finally got to write it.

FG: Nice! Now, how in a way would Book 6 redefine the Trese 6? Should we see repercussions in the next books to come?

FG: At some point, have you envisioned an ending to Trese’s adventures? Or do you plan to have it go on like Batman?
BUDJETTE: As long as there are mysteries that need to be solved, we’ll have Trese around to investigate them.

FG: Indeed, sir. Lastly, let’s lighten things up a bit: Since Kajo (Baldisimo) already gave his favorites for a possible Trese actress, do you have any personal picks?
BUDJETTE: Rhian Ramos has expressed interest in playing Trese. Would be nice to see her in costume.

Rinko Kikuchi might also look good in the trenchcoat.


He was also kind enough to provide us exclusive concept images apart from the Carlos Trese sketches he previewed yesterday. Penciled by seasoned artist Kajo Baldisimo, these drafts feature the creatures that Trese and his handy Kambal companions would go up against in High Tide at Midnight. 

Check them out!

To check the other previews for Trese: High Tide at Midnightyou can visit www.tresekomix.blogspot.com. New pages will be posted each Wednesday.

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