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Visprint Inc.’s New Releases at Komikon

after-lambana-coverAs one of the prominent komiks publishers in the country, Visprint has released top-notch komiks over the years. At this Komikon, Visprint will debut some more new komiks for fans, such as After Lambana, Kikomachine Komix Blg. 12 and a Filipino translation for Trese.

Interestingly, some of these komiks have been in production for a while now, admitted Visprint Managing Editor Kyra Balesteros.

After Lambana was in production the longest, because we promised to release it last year.” says Balesteros. “Kikomachine 12 got to us as a manuscript early this year, but we slated it for relase sa Komikon because [Manix Abrera] always releases it during the Kon, same with the Pinoy translation for Trese.”

So why should you check out these titles? Well for one, fans of Trese are in for a treat with the new Filipino translation. Due to being newly produced, improvements have been incorporated into the komiks.

“I really think the Pinoy translation and colored Trese comics feature better art, crisper lines. I’d purchase for that, alone,” Balesteros says.

As a personal favorite, Balesteros admitted to having a soft spot for Manix Abrera’s upcoming Kikomachine Komiks Blg. 12, adding “Manix’s comics are a masterclass in art – that it has to be sustained and sustainable. We’ve seen 11 previous Kikomachines before. The challenge that sir Manix always rises to is that of consistency.”

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Finally, After Lambana is something that just seems to be perfect fit in these times. “After Lambana is a lot of things but I think its main appeal will be its timely subject. Minsan sumasakto talaga sa panahon ang kuwento,” says Balesteros.

You can get these titles at the Visprint Inc. booth at the November Komikon.


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