Posted November 2, 2014 by GP Manalo in Comics

KOMIKS TRAILER: Prepare for Battle in MAKTAN 1521!


With only a month away for its release. This weekend, we finally got to take a real look at what’s in store for us from Visprint’s edition of Maktan 1521 by Tepai Pascual.  A trailer was released in Maktan 1521’s Official Facebook Page, and it features full-colored pages of the book; showing lots of tension, brutal imagery, ending the the trailer with a tease of the book’s epic final battle between Lapu-Lapu’s forces and the Spaniards.

Maktan 1521 is a romanticized re-telling of one of the Philippine’s momentous historical milestone. Where the natives of Mactan, led by the Lapu Lapu defeated the Spanish colonialists in the year 1521.

Maktan 1521 will be released in full color with 180 pages in a 6″x9″ softcover by Visprint this November 2014.

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