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FIVE QUESTIONS with Meganon Comics co-founder TEPAI PASCUAL

To further fuel the anticipation for tomorrow’s Meganon Comic Book Launch, we talked to Meganon Comics co-founder Ms. Tepai Pascual regarding the publishing group’s history as well as what to expect in today’s event.
Check out the interview below, and for more information about the Meganon Comic Book Launch head on to this article.

FLIPGEEKS: What is the story behind the formation of Meganon Comics?
TEPAI PASCUAL: Meganon Comics started by making our own comics for the Komikons. At first, we didn’t know if we’ll be appreciated but we are very thankful that readers picked up our comics. Then we noticed the readership grew and we sustained awesome followers. We are truly thankful because without them, there won’t be a Meganon Comics today.

After five years of exhibiting at the Philippine Komikons, we self-published our works and took a leap of faith to bridge our indie komiks to more readers. We partnered with Komikon Inc. and joined the 35th Manila International Book Fair and we’re now available at all Fully Booked stores. Meganon Comics aims to help build a more sustainable comics industry for more indie komiks artists, so that someday, our community of comics artists and writers can be a formidable creative industry.

What does Meganon mean? Why Meganon?
Aah! It actually means Mega, for big, and Meganon for “Mayroon” in Filipino slang. I just wanted to have a name that can say “to have” , “we will have” or “we have it”. I believe that a name can channel what it means or says. So if Meganon means, “to have”, then we will always have—big new titles, big sales, big readership.

Meganon Comics has come a long way from just being composed of you, Maika Ezawa, and Dragfly publishing Mark 9verse47. How does this make you feel?
Very happy! Although Dragfly didn’t last long (which is a sad thing), but we did get to include Paolo Herras and Brent Sabas who are a big help to the team. Since we need a new selection of titles and art style, I think adding Paolo and Brent is the greatest decision we made. We were able to make more awesome titles and we learned a lot from each other too.

How many comics/creators are you currently publishing?
For the comics, we have Mark 9verse47 by Maika Ezawa and Tepai Pascual, Strange Natives: The Boy with Capiz Eyes by Paolo Herras and Carlorozy Clemente, Noodle Boy by Paolo Herras and Tepai Pascual,Sumpa by Paolo Herras and Brent Sabas.

Tell us more about the upcoming comic book launch. What should we expect?
Meganon Comics will release our titles in book form with great quality in both production and content. Aside from our usual Meganon Comics titles, Mark 9verse47 Book 1, Strange Natives: The Boy with Capiz Eyes, Sumpa and Noodle Boy, we also have:

Digmaang Salinlahi by Jon Zamar, featuring artists Wenz “Cheese” Chua, Gabriel Dela Cruz, Jhomar Soriano, Franklin Ouano, JM Valenzuela, Judd Abinuman, Renie Palo, Armand Roy Canlas and Mel Casipit.

Gwapoman 2000 and Minkowski Space Opera by Aaron Felizmenio,
We also have an art sale during the launch. So people can buy the original artworks or blank cover variants of the featured artists and all proceeds will go to the artists. We will raffle off original artworks from our artists too! So for every purchase of our comic books, attendees will have a chance to win awesome original artworks or limited edition collector’s items!

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