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Save the Date! MEGANON Comic Book Launch on September 27 at Fully Booked – BGC!

meganon book launch

Satiate your indie comic cravings with Meganon’s Comic Book Launch on September 27, Saturday, 5:30 PM, at the 4/F of Fully Booked – BGC. Nine different titles are going to be featured at this event, with stories ranging from the supernatural lives of children with capiz eyes, to the seemingly mundane and uninteresting story of a call centre agent falling head over heels for a noodle-cooking lady, and even as far as journeying to the edges of space in a one of a kind sci-fi/fantasy space opera. With Meganon’s massive and actively expanding talent roster, there is surely enough to go around for everybody.

Founded in 2009 by Maika Ezawa, Tepai Pascual, and Dragfly, Meganon Comics initially launched with just one title, Mark 9verse47, adding Maktan 1521 to their line-up the following year, before expanding to publish more titles, and welcoming Paolo Herras and Brent Sabas to their team, to become the indie publishing powerhouse that it is today. True to their mission of building a more sustainable indie comics community, Meganon Comics is proud to announce the following selection of Filipino Indie Comics which will soon be available through all Fully Booked branches across Metro Manila as well as various local comic book stores:

MARK 9 VERSE 47 (Action/Adventure) by Maika Ezawa and Tepai Pascual. English.
“If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. Better for you to enter the Kingdom of God with one eye, than with two eyes to be thrown into Gehenna.” — Mark 9 verse 47.
And so it is written. For many years, demons have fought their way through the Gates of Hell to infest mankind. The Father and his Archangels have kept them at bay but demons always find their way through the Gate. It’s opening fast and the only one who can close it is the Gatekeeper. Who is the chosen one? No one knows except for one blind man named Visdei.

GWAPOMAN 2000 (Action) by Aaron Felizmenio. Filipino.

After missing in action for twelve years, a forgotten hero returns. How, when and where nobody knows. But his resurfacing may be traced to the craziness of the world, or the rise of crime in the city. Gwapoman is sworn to fight against all the ugliness of this world

STRANGE NATIVES (Supernatural) by Paolo Herras and Carlorozy Clemente. English.
Spoiled city boy Francis is left with his stern grandmother in a provincial town. Blind to tradition, he angers a forest spirit and is given capiz eyes.

CODENAME BATHALA (Action/Superhero) by Jon Zamar and Judd Abinuman. English.
Michael Divinahustisya is a differently abled man, but when he dons the awesome armor of Bathala, he acquires the speed of the fierce habagat winds. Sworn to protect the public against misused Haven Technology, he roams the sky as a stalwart armoured champion.

NOODLE BOY (Romantic Comedy) by Paolo Herras and Tepai Pascual. English. (NEW RELEASE! 148pages)
Noodle Boy is the quirky love story of Carlo, an introvert call-center agent who expresses his feelings through cosplay, and Ayumi, a failed ramen shop owner who can’t cook.

THE MINKOWSKI SPACE OPERA (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) by Aaron Felizmenio. English.
Delve into the vastness of space and time for an all-new sci-fi fantasy epic loosely based on an old Bagobo tale. Randall, a lost traveller, with the help of voyager monk Nick Artus, journey to find home in Arcadia, the last planet in the universe.

DIGMAANG SALINLAHI (Action/Adventure Fantasy)
Digmaang Salinlahi chronicles the war raging in the magical lands of Kahimanawari. By Jon Zamar featuring artists Wenz “Cheese” Chua, Gabriel Dela Cruz, Jhomar Soriano, Franklin Ouano, JM Valenzuela, Judd Abinuman, Renie Palo, Armand Roy Canlas and Mel Casipit. Filipino.

SUMPA (Supernatural) by Paolo Herras and Brent Sabas. English.
Curses are broken promises. Reluctant hero Sumpa and pre-colonial god Aliw know this all too well as they break curses that come their way. But the bigger the curse, the harder to break. Can they break the ultimate curse that plagues the native land?


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