Posted February 21, 2012 by Norby Ela in Comics

GWAPOMAN 2000 #4 Cover Revealed

Aaron Felizmenio, kindly sent Flipgeeks a look of the issue #4 cover of his created-owned superhero comic – Gwapoman 2000.  We were informed that the cover were collaborated by Felizmenio, Heubert Khan Michael (Unstoppable, Vampirella), Brian ‘Tots’ Valeza and Wan Mañanita who did an awesome job for the layout.

Gwapoman is owned by Aaron Felizmenio — with NeverHeard WebComics. Gwapoman 2000 #3 and Gwapoman 2000 #4 set to be released on May 26 ulit sa Summer Komikon 2012.



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