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A few nights ago, Meganon Comic Book Launch happened. This is noted as one of the biggest milestones for this (or to any) local indie comic book publisher in able to put up their comic books to a big book store like FullyBooked. For distribution is one of the essentials that are needed in the local comic book scene. Meganon Comics has been in the scene for five years and for this launch – they strive by orienting to the many attendees of the event the following 7 books involved:

STRANGE NATIVES (Supernatural) by Paolo Herras and Carlorozy Clemente
NOODLE BOY (Romantic Comedy) by Paolo Herras and Tepai Pascual
MARK 9 VERSE 47(Action/Adventure) by Maika Ezawa and Tepai Pascual
SUMPA (Supernatural) by Paolo Herras and Brent Sabas
GWAPOMAN 2000 [Frances Luna III Illustration Firm] (Action) by Aaron Felizmenio
THE MINKOWSKI SPACE OPERA [Frances Luna III Illustration Firm] (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) by Aaron Felizmenio.
DIGMAANG SALINLAHI [Point Zero Comics] (Action/Adventure Fantasy) by Jon Zamar featuring artists Wenz “Cheese” Chua, Gabriel Dela Cruz, Jhomar Soriano, Franklin Ouano, JM Valenzuela, Judd Abinuman, Renie Palo, Armand Roy Canlas and Mel Casipit


The launch was quite successful for attendees have purchased multiple titles and had them signed by artists and writers – Tepai Pascual, Maika Ezawa, Paolo Herras, Brent Sabas, Carlorozy Clemente, Jon Zamar and Aaron Felizmenio. There was an enticing raffle contest that treated original artwork, premiere local comics and art prints as raffle prizes.

During the evening these were said and happened:
-Mark 9Verse47 was the first Meganon Comics title released.
-Noodle Boy was inspired by a stray cat that Paolo Herras had saved in one stormy night along a flyover road. The stray got named – Ramen.
-Paolo Herras showed off how the cover design of Sumpa cool… and it was cool.

[To know more about MEGANON COMICS, check out… FIVE QUESTIONS with Meganon Comics co-founder TEPAI PASCUAL]

Meganon Comics strives to be sustainable and to help out distribute works of other indie comic book creators. You can now purchase Meganon Comics books in any FullyBooked branches.

Stay tuned here in Flipgeeks. In the following days we will release komiks reviews of Meganon Comics titles.

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