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Paolo Herras promises to bring more STRANGE NATIVES


Strange Natives: The Forgotten Memories of a Forgetful Old Woman cover

In a quick chat with FlipGeeks, Film Director/Comic Book Writer Paolo Herras of Meganon Comics talked about his komiks Strange Natives, a series of one-shots featuring strangers in their native land.

Teaming up with artist Carlorozy Clemente, the first book Strange Natives: The Boy With Capiz Eyes was focused on the story of Francis, a boy with capiz eyes who was blind to traditions and the supernatural forces around him.

With the first book already released, Herras is looking forward to the future for more. This time around, a new protagonist named Grasya will grace the pages of the second book of Strange Natives: The Forgotten Memories of a Forgetful Old Woman. And not only will there be a new story, a new artist is also going to be doing art duties, Jerico Marte (Tanod).

“Given that it’s a one-shot series, I wanted to feature a different artist per book,” Herras said. “The second book features the amazing Jerico Marte. I’ve always been a fan of Jerico’s work. And he’s certainly exceeded any expectation. To say he delivered is an understatement.”

Readers will get something unique out of each book as it demonstrates a different contemporary Filipino trait each time. “If the first one demonstrates how blind we are to our past, the second one is we have a tendency to forget our past,” Herras added.

The series does not end with book 2, however. Herras promises more Strange Natives in the future.  “If you’ve read the first book of Strange Natives, there is a ‘class picture’ in the inside front cover. Each will have their own book. One is a crossover of Aliw in the Sumpa series,” Herras said. Jap Mikel and JP Palabon are set to tackle the art in the next books.

Once all the Strange Natives issues are out, Herras plans on creating a group title featuring all the main characters. “When all the stories are told, they will have an omnibus story entitled 7,108 where a mysterious island surfaces and all strange natives must band together to defeat a common evil,” Herras said. However he later added that nothing is set in stone as everything is still in the planning stages.

Check out the sample pages for Strange Natives: The Forgotten Memories of a Forgetful Old Woman below.



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