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Prints Invade the Local Komiks Scene

Printed lokal komiks is once again gaining popularity. Evidently in the past Komikons and other events, the number of prints being published has been more noticeable. But, komiks are not the only prints that are catching the eyes of the people. What are these other prints that have gotten our attention? I’m talking about art prints and stickers.

In almost every table this last Summer Komikon, you’d see stickers and postcards alongside the komiks. Some feature your favorite fandom, while others showcase original illustrations, and some inspired by their own komiks. These kinds of prints can even be seen outside comic conventions.

Prints from Studio Kunwari Table

Prints from Studio Kunwari Table

These art prints come in different sizes but the postcard-sized are the most popular. Ranging from 50 to hundreds of pesos, these artsy postcards would be yours.

The stickers could be more or less popular as these little prints have once again become a trend. Everyone can have their own cup of tea thanks to designs ranging from fandoms, memes, statements, cute little animals, and so much more.


Stickers from Fandom Feels

We asked artists in the Komikon on why they like to make these kinds of prints. Fandom Feels, which sells stickers, said that the reason they make it is because it’s a way of expressing your fandom and personalizing your things which also serves as an icebreaker. The guys from UP GLG “makes them in the moment and because it’s fun”. Others, like the UP Grail, have a more practical reason such as it being easy to reproduce and to sell because it’s trending. Pejie and Koi from Studio Kuwari make prints because it is easier to show their illustrations rather than compiling it in a zine and also that making posters is harder when it comes to bringing them to cons. Awsquak also makes prints since comics are more time consuming to make whilst it’s simpler to make prints which cost less than the former.

Those prints are like a miniature piece of art that you get to display wherever you want. Be it in your room, your office desk, or even your hangout place. And as for stickers, it’s just like marking your own territory, only more personalized and stylish. I guess we can expect to see more of them as the time goes by.


Stickers from UP GLG table

Stickers and Prints

Stickers and Prints from Antipara Table

Stickers and Prints

Stickers and Prints from Studio Kunwari Table

Print and Stickers from UP Grail Table

Print and Stickers from UP Grail Table

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