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KOMIKS PREVIEW: Codename Bathala #2

Codename Bathala #2

Story by
Jon Zamar
Art by
Judd Abinuman
Cover by
Judd Abinuman & Brian Valeza
Zam! Designs (of Point Zero Comics)
Cover Price
PhP 75
Release Date
October 2012

Michael Divinahustisya is a differently abled man but when he dons the awesome armor of Bathala, he acquires the speed of the fierce habagat winds and wields the powerful fury of a lightning storm. Sworn to protect the public against misused advance technology, he roams the sky as a stalwart armored champion.

In this issue: Pursued by the Amazonian warrior Zona, Bathala and his crew have to find a way to sate the heroine’s lust for battle. Continuing the adventures of armored hero, Codename: Bathala!

Get a copy during this year’s Komikon 2012 at the Komikon booth.

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