Posted May 1, 2016 by Ryan Villanueva in Collectibles

Insert Coin? Add STREET FIGHTER Losing Faces To Your Collection!


Every gamer who played Street Fighter II is familiar with the scene when you just lost a fight. As the clock ticks before the game is over you see your chosen fighter’s face all banged and messed up.


Well, Embrace Japan Co., Ltd is releasing a collection of the Street Fighter II’s losing faces. These figures would remind you how it feels like to lose in Street Fighter II. Reminisce how much token (or tokens depending on how good you are) you spent back in the day.







The original and complete Street Fighter II roster is included in this set. You would also lose a couple of bucks for these figures, as they do not come in cheap. As a set, they’d retail for about Php 4,000 above.

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