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2018 Marks The Return Of The Blue Bomber With Megaman 11!


Brace yourselves Mega Man Fans! Capcom has announced a new Mega Man game coming late 2018 and it’s Mega Man 11. This is very exciting news indeed since it’s been years since the last Megaman game from the main series was released(Mega Man 10 from way back 2010). The 30th Anniversary Trailer gives a glimpse of the new hand-drawn art style. It also showed off the gameplay and some of the boss fights. More information about the title is yet to be announced and possibly more details about the game will be released gradually over the course of the upcoming year.



Here are some of the concept art released for Megaman 11:




Along with the announcement of Mega Man 11, Capcom has also announced that Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will become available to Nintendo Switch sometime next year. A later announcement stated that the Megaman X series too will be making their way to the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch but no dates have been announced yet.

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