Posted December 21, 2015 by Ryan Villanueva in Gaming

The Return of Cartridge-Based Consoles


Gaming company Coleco is set to resurrect the golden age of cartridge-based gaming. The company has announced recently their partnership with Retro Video Game Systems and are scheduled to release a cartridge-based console named Coleco Chameleon.

Coleco describes the Chameleon as a “versatile new video game system that serves as a modern day take on the classic game console. It can play 8-, 16-, and 32-bit games, which is a growing and popular genre.”


No other cartridge-based video game console has come out in recent years and the Coleco Chameleon will be the first. Mike Kennedy, Retro Video Game Systems president that the console “is a love-letter to all the classic cartridge based gaming systems that came before it. It will take gamers and their families back to a simpler time where games were all about great gameplay and fun factor.”


The Coleco Chameleon will also introduce classic gaming to the new breed of gamers today and have old school gamers reminisce what it was like to play video games back in the day. 2016 will be the year when old becomes new again. The Coleco Chameleon is scheduled for early 2016 though no pricing has been announced as of this time. It would also be available on display at the Toy Fair New York in February.

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